Matthew Fong

Front End Engineer / Web Developer


The first thing I did when I touched a computer was learn how to build a website (geocities and angelfire ftw). As with most F2Es I've met, I taught myself HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Straight out of college, I moved to Silicon Valley and helped grow a couple startups from the ground up as a single digit employee.

While in the bay, I attended numerous hackathons, meetups, and events exploring the tech community inside and out. I love learning about what's next and figuring out how I can contribute to the future. Throughout it all, I've built and maintained side projects that attract hundreds of thousands of happy active users.

Side Projects

Advance Screenings

Advance Screenings Listings of outlets and links to free advance movie screening passes and contests across the United States and Canada.

Countdown List

Countdown List A new way to think about calendars. List everything you're waiting for and be reminded on what's coming up.

Festival HQ

FestHQ Music Festival information from the past, present, and future. Keep track of who you've seen and where you want to next.

Feb 2011 — Jun 2017 Genability, Inc. Senior User Interface/Experience Engineer
  • While creating a new customer-facing experience, evaluated technologies and made the decisions on which tech stack and libraries to utilize (node, angular, sass, travis, AWS elastic beanstalk)
  • Interviewed, hired, and led the front end team from product requirements and design to code planning and implementation
  • Composed and enforced the company's best practices, coding guidelines, and custom lint scripts to ensure code consistency and maintainability
  • Worked diligently with back end engineers to construct API structures and methods. Implemented those APIs in our own front end apps to test and evaluate before exposing them to customers
Aug 2008 — May 2010 Lift Media, Inc. User Interface Engineer
  • As the third engineer, contributed to building and expanding the product and team for a highly-trafficked (top 1,000 in US) website and e-commerce platform used by top tier companies including Fandango, Pizza Hut, and
  • Transformed all client-facing code from tables with inline style to semantic HTML, extracted CSS, and built a custom JS framework from scratch
  • Collaborated with members of the Marketing and Art Department to develop their concepts and designs into fully functioning pages which were deployed on a biweekly schedule
Aug 2009 — Present Founder
  • Developed an innovative way to discover and search for movie screenings resulting in over 1.5 million pageviews per month
  • Manage a social community of visitors over Facebook (>50k) and Twitter (>30k)
  • Core codebase has been stable since 2014 needing minimal maintenance

May 2008 Georgia Institute of Technology Atlanta, Georgia
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
  • Concentration and Undergraduate Research in Human Computer Interaction (HCI)
  • Business Certificate in Entrepreneurship
  • Studied Abroad at Universitat PolitĂ©cnica de Cataluña (UPC) in Barcelona, Spain